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Izzie’s Way Home (2016)

Watch Izzie’s Way Home (2016) full movie watch cartoons online.
Synopsis: When a fish named Isabel that was born in aquarium is born, she is deemed an outcast by the rest of the tank. With only her father trying to keep her safe from being discovered by the human owner, she is discovered and is taken out of the tank to be tossed in the ocean. Her father tries to save her and winds up being tossed in the ocean with her. After an undersea volcanic irruption separates her from her dad, she is saved by April, a rock rock fish, they set off with a group of April’s friends in an attempt to get to the coral reef on the other side of the volcano before it irrupts.
Director: Sasha Burrow
Writers: Camille Licate, Camille Licate
Stars: Bonnie Dennison, Tori Spelling, Zack Ward
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